Google Map Spotted Mysterious Giant Lines In Gobi Desert

A Google Maps satellite has spotted unidentified titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert. The first one is an intricate network of what appears to be huge metallic stripes. Is this a military experiment? They seem to be wide lines drawn with some white material. Or maybe the dust have been dug by machinery. It’s located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River, which crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert. It covers an area approximately one mile long by more than 3,000 feet wide. The tracks are perfectly executed, and they seem to be designed to be seen from orbit.

The suggestion that the lines were created to be seen from space is dubious at best. An identical claim is often made for the Nazca lines, in the Atacama desert of Peru. Those lines, also, are sometimes said to have been designed to be seen from space . However, upon zooming in, planes and burnt-out trucks can be seen on some of the photographs, which hints that they may indeed be targets of some kind.

At this point no one really knows for sure, but the most likely explanation is that it’s a military target practice range. It is in fact only one of several similar sites in the area, and at least one of the others has airplanes sitting in the center of it. As Paul Marks of New Scientist points out, “Clearly, it is some kind of military target for airstrike or gunnery practice. Another 4 x 4 piece grid some 200 meters across has some pieces clearly blown to smithereens, again supporting the target practice theory, and a dummy runway in garish bluish-white is probably for air-to-ground strafing practice.”

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