300 Million Years Old Screw Found In Russia

Russian scientists who were investigating an area 300km south-west of Moscow on the remains of a meteorite in the summer of 1998, discovered a piece of rock which enclosed an iron screw. The screw, which is clearly visible in the head and nut, has a length of about cm and a diameter of about three millimetres. Geologists estimate that the age of the rock is 300-320 million years.

Scientists initially thought that the screw was in a farm machine. But the screw was firmly fixed in the rock. Subsequent studies says the screw is there really a huge amount of time, since the iron atoms of the screw and the atoms of silicon (from which the rock consists mainly) have spread across the two ylika.

This finding has been studied intensively in various scientific institutions of Russia - from geologists, physicists, palaeontologist, mineralogists and proved that the screw was in the sediment before it is mounted on a rock. All technicians who examined the findings are convinced that the screw has been artificially constructed and not a product of a natural process.

Source : disclose.tv
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