World's Shortest Bull - Archie

Archie, a 29-month Dexter from County Antrim, has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as 'the shortest bull in the world'. He measures just 30 inches (76.2cms) from hoof to withers -- 15 inches shorter than other bulls of his breed.

A young farmer Ryan Lavery (15) bought Archie at a rare breeds show in Gosford, Armagh, when the animal was five months old. The bull was originally destined for the beef. However, the family decided to keep him as a pet after he failed to grow to normal size.

During his short life, Archie has already had an illustrious career. He was spotted by a man from Unesco when he was in the petting farm at Aghalee’s Santa grotto and ended up becoming a patron of Henny Penny Libraries, which makes books available to children in the slums of India.

Unesco and Henny Penny Libraries later put in an application for Archie to be considered for the Guinness Book of Records, and finally Archie is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
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