A Girl Who Cries Tears of Blood

Yaritza Oliva, a 20 years old girl who lives in Purranque, Chile, suffers from a rare medical condition that causes her to cry tears of blood. She said that the pain is indescribable when she sheds tears of blood.

Initially doctors believed that it was common conjunctivitis but later some experts have suggested that she has a condition called haemolacria that causes sufferers cry tears of blood. Her parents, who cannot afford to send her to an appropriate medical expert, have asked friends and neighbours to help them raise funds for her and they made an appeal on a local news programme.

Oliva is not a only girl have this condition. In 2009, 15 years old Calvino Inman from Tennessee said he cries blood three times a day. He said that he could not  feel them.

Source : dailymail.co.uk

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