Tianzi Mountains, China

Tianzi Mountains, located in Zhangjiajie in the Hunan Province of China, are pillar like structures characterized by old, weathered sandstone mountain-peak remnants, some in the form of massive blocks and some in the form of freestanding sandstone obelisks, or towers.

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'Tianzi' which means 'Son of Heaven' is named after a farmer who lived in this area. The highest peak here is 1,262 meters (about 4,140 feet) above the sea level. Unsurprisingly, this is the place that served as inspiration to the floating mountains featured in Avatar.

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The base of these peak structures has a bit of limestone bedrock which has produced 'Karst caves' as a result of aeons of water erosion. In addition to the stunning landscape, the region is also known for the number of endangered plant and animal species that inhabit it, such as the Chinese giant salamander, Asiatic wild dog, Asiatic black bear, and the Clouded leopard.

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Visitors can take a ride using cable car service that travel horizontally high above the mountains to have glimpse of peaks.

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