Real Life Spider Man - Jyothi Raj

Jyothi Raj, 22, who lives in the south state of Karnataka, is known as India's very own Spiderman-scaling walls at an unbelievable speed.

Jyothi has always had a passion for climbing. Growing up, he saw troops of monkeys swinging through the forests near his home. Taking inspiration from these agile animals, he began climbing up scaffolding while working on a building site. It was here that he perfected his climbing techniques.

After discovering that his spider-like climbing abilities drew in crowds of onlookers, Jyothi started to push himself further by climbing higher and higher structures, always without a net or safety rope.

Usually he appears every Sunday at the Chitradurga fort to entertain the crowds of tourists, Jyothi hopes one day to open his own climbing school.
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